PMNAdb is a Linked Data resource for sea lamprey (Petromyzon marinus) brain histology. Its main component is a repository of RDF triples that capture file metadata, semantic provenance and prior knowledge for raw histological experimental data products (micrographs, graphic annotations of micrographs, other numerical data).

Each experimental data unit is identified by a URI minted in the namespace and inserted into a datagraph containing terms from local schema as well as from Dublin Core, PROV, SKOS vocabularies and from domain-specific ontologies. PMNAdb exposes this datagraph to SPARQL queries sent via POST requests to endpoint.

This website was developed as a simple interface to PMNAdb services and aims (1) to document the principles, architecture and functions of the PMNAdb system, (2) to allow users to browse (dereferenciate) the RDF data hierarchy, and (3) to demonstrate the PMNAdb capabilities through implementation of applications for histological and neuroanatomical data display and processing. more

This website and the API that it relies on should be considered software in alpha stage. They are under active development, deployed for testing purposes and therefore should be considered unstable and expected to undergo incompatible changes. Please send any comments or report any issues to: